how can you not have picked snivy in  pokemon???

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  2. gamefreak616 answered: I liked Emboar better than Serperior, I guess I’m a pyro. If I restart my game I will def. pick Snivy.
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    IT LOOKS SMUG! SMUG I TELL YOU!!!! I can’t even handle this.
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  6. blacklighthearts answered: XP I totally picked snivy! cause all the other ones look freaking retarded
  7. jirachi-385 answered: cos he’s a grass pokemon derrr.
  8. ubiquitousomnambulist answered: simple. you just require mild brain damage/retardation/an avid and irrational fear of grass pokemon. THEY ARE THE ONLY PLAUSIBLE REASONS (:
  9. sakom75 answered: Fuck anything other than first/second gen, :c
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  • Posted: 21 March 2011